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Page history last edited by Agent Brown 13 years, 4 months ago

I've decided to dabble in Colonials using 10mm for the big battles and 15mm for skirmish. The background is the Prussian invasion of South Africa  from German South West Africa in the late 1870s, before the Zulu War. I've decided the Prussians used their victory over France in 1871 as a springboard for expansionism, particularly in Africa. This has resulted in their empire expanding rather more rapidly then it did historically. A fantasy, obviously, but not a totally implausible one. It gives me the chance to use Prussians against Redcoats with Boer and Zulu allies and plenty of locally raised troops. I also plan some Prussian influence with the Mahdi as the Sudan has always interested me. Of course, all of the troops can be used in historical games as well.

First off, here's the deck of a wooden paddle steamer I found on Ebay. Very cheap so I bought three. Pretty good for 10mm but better for 6mm I think, Might even do for 15mm in a pinch. 10mm Pendraken and 6mm Baccus in the picture below. It's 6 inches/150mm long by about 75mm across though my photographics skills have made it look smaller.. It comes with a full superstructure and paddle.

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