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15mm Science Fiction 3

Page history last edited by Agent Brown 13 years, 4 months ago

Here's a couple of Old Crow Goannas with some HMMV turrets from Irishserb's vehicles (see links).  Worth the price for the turret alone and you've still got a Hummer to play with. Stowage from Command Decision/Skytrex 15mm WW2 range and GZG. Crew from Peter Pig IDF. I'm using these as a recce section for my NAC company.








And here are some Poundland bargains.Big rigs for £1 each. Perfect match for those Peter Pig 15mms and an Old Crow Gecko. The yellow one is labelled as 1:64 but is obviously 1:87 or smaller. I've got seven of these now. Convoy!






Here's a couple of pics of HO/1:87 scale cars off Ebay. Dirt cheap. They look a little small but are actually fine for 15mm. Some people prefer their vehicles a little over sized but when looking down on them they look great.



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