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15mm Science Fiction

Page history last edited by Agent Brown 13 years, 10 months ago

15mm Science Fiction

I first got into this with Laserburn many moons ago. I've now re-discovered it with the release of GZG's new 15mm range (and actually, the original TTG/15mm.co.uk 15mm figures have aged rather well).

See the Links page (on the right) for links to the manufacturers mentioned below. As for rules try Ambush Alley (see links). A great skirmish set for regulars vs insurgents. .Also Ambush Z by the same guys (zombie games). Two wonderful rules sets that have put some life back into my skirmish gaming. Easy to adapt to near future us as well. 


10mm Pendraken Aliens (warrior & Queen) with 15mm.co.uk Sentinel. Pretty good match. Old Crow vehicle.


Two Hour Wargames survivor and zombie face off. Got to love the survivor's pot belly. Great little figure. 15mm.co.uk Sentinel in the foreground.  Old Crow Trojan APC in the background (makes a great general pupose van if you leave the turret off).


Some of my 15mm zombies. A mix of Two Hour Wargames, Rebel Minis and 15mm.co.uk. Rebel and THW mix well together but 15mm.co.uk zombies are a bit on the big side. Look fine on separate bases. My undead are based in ones, threes and fives. It can become pretty tedious moving 100+ singles every turn.



A couple of cheap vehicles. Picked five up for a couple of quid. Dirty them up, base them and hey presto! some useful cover.



Two more of those cheap toys.



Last one of the set. Great value.



Old Crow vehicles with (L to R) GZG colonist, Peter Pig technical gunner and 15mm.co.uk Sentinel (or Judge to you and me).



Old Crow Gecko pickup becomes a technical (with a little help from Peter Pig).



Two Old Crow Trojan APCs (now commercial vans), a GZG hover truck and two Peter Pig Toyota pickups.



Peter Pig troops with an Old Crow Goanna Scout (plus Trojan APC turret- never throw anything out) try to hold back the zombie tide.



The aforementioned zombie tide.



Victim's eye view of the zombie apocalypse. Buildings are Worldworks Games Mayhem: Downtown PDFs stuck onto cardboard boxes. Printed at A6 size they are fine for 15mm.



120+ zombies on the rampage. The buildings are easy to knock up once you've had a try. I've got about twice as many as this and I'm adding more. Cheap and easy terrain.



A selection of figures. At the back an EM4 plastic robot and GZG hover truck with Peter Pig technical gunner (I've got 4 of these figs, very useful). Middle (L to R) 2 GZG colonists, 15mm.co.uk Sentinel and heroine. Front (L to R) 3 Citadel Traveller adventurers and a 15mm.co.uk robot.



As above except there is a Two Hour Wargames survivor and anther GZG colonist in the back row and a couple more 15mm.co.uk robots in the front. Two Hour Wargames sell their figures in packs of 24, 20 zombies and 4 survivors.

I have many more 15mm SF figures (all painted, honest) as well as 40+ Peter Pig Modern US troops that I intend to use as low tech SF troopers and 100+ Old Glory insurgents that will make good low tech rebels, surprisingly enough (also all painted). Hopefully I'll get round to adding those photos soon as well as more of my terrain (which I am rather proud of).


NEW Sample 15mm Zombie pics- an experiment with 1/87-1/100 model railroad figures. They look OK size wise, not too hot on the sculpting front but as they're only to bulk up a zombie horde I'm happy with them. Not finished yet, by the way.


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